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It is not only new cars that get the best of the best.  Most companies providing PPF installation services using pre-cut templates are restricted to the designs and templates provided by the major film providers which focus mainly on post 2000 production cars, until now. Ultimate Paint Protection are pleased to announce we can produce pre-cut ppf kits for any classic car.  We now have bespoke in house design and production facilities to allow us to produce templates for any panel on any car.  What does this mean, we can produce templates to cover complete cars or one-off pieces without cutting the film directly on your car. Our process is to make a precise template from your existing panel and create a pre-cut piece that will fit exactly to your cars individual panel.  You can now have the same protection for your pride and joy like the supercars of today enjoy.

I have heard some classic car [...]

I am happy and excited to announce Ultimate Paint Protection is an official sponsor of Caterham’s 2018 Motorsport season.

As a specialist paint protection film installer for the Caterham Seven, we are very proud and excited to be associated with such an iconic marque. As UPP is the preferred provider to Caterham Cars Ltd for PPF products it is a partnership that I am excited to see flourish into the future.

All of our kits for the Caterham’s ,like all other cars, are pre-cut to fit each model and panel precisely, allowing you to protect your Caterham regardless of its model or year. Along with our new Windscreen protection film (see previous blog) , we offer complete protection for your car.  If you have another daily/classic car you want protecting we can also help you there as well.

We will be in the paddock throughout the year supporting the race series, if you can’t make [...]

We are very excited to announce we have recently become an authorised dealer and installer for Clearplex windscreen protection film. This is a product that all car owners will benefit from with additional safety, protection and environmental properties to give you peace of mind. Clearplex film is a patented film with crystal clear optics that will enhance the OME windscreens. The film has been used on NASCAR cars in the US and the International Space Station, I don’t think you can get a more robust testing ground then these two. For those owners of classic, rare, imports, prestige, Super cars whose windscreens are not only hard to find or worst case obsolete windscreens, where replacement costs are very expensive, this can be a major benefit not only financially but also keeping the car on the road. As much as it is a great enhancement to passenger cars, it is a huge benefit for commercial vehicles [...]

All of these questions have a single common denominator, see a qualified technician to address all of them.  Application of Paint Protection Film is, like Window Tinting, in theory straight forward, however it is the application of that theory which is best left to a trained technician to achieve the best results.

Prior to applying the film you need to  perform a surface prep on all areas where the film is being applied, this is using clay bar and solution to clean and remove all dirt, debris and degreasing the paint surface.  The film is “pre cut” on special plotters in most cases to fit specific cars, if not, cutting film to fit a car normally means cutting on the car which is very dangerous to say the least. You then use a slip solution to adhere the film to the car, this solution works with the special adhesives used to ensure a perfect contact [...]

Have you ever been driving down a country road or the motorway and you here that all to familiar thud sound of a stone hitting somewhere on your pride and joy and when you get out and check it your fears materialise in front of your eyes?  A Simple solution is to apply Paint Protection film (PPF) to key high impact areas to protect your paint work and headlamps from  all sorts of “road rash”.

The key features of PPF is to guard against stone chips, abrasions, nicks, scratches, small road debris and winter salt and sand providing you with year round protection. With its high gloss finish and self healing properties you will be able to enjoy driving your pride and joy for many miles knowing it is protected.  Please give us a call at Ultimate Paint Protection if you have any questions on the benefits and features of Paint Protection Film.   We are

paint protection for caterham

No! The technology breakthrough using advanced adhesives used in the production of the film is developed so  that it will not impact your paint work. Even after years of being applied to your car the film adhesive will not penetrate the paint work. After a time if you are looking to replace the film or remove it completely for various reasons you should most certainly find a qualified installer to remove the film safely as if not done correctly by a trained person it can damage some of the paint work.

At Ultimate Paint Protection we only use top grade films which allows us to provide a 10 year warranty on the film applied to your car against defaults.  Please contact us if you have any other questions or queries about the benefits of having Paint Protection Film applied to your pride and joy.  We are here to protect your investment.

Caterham protected by UPP.

What is Goodwood Revival?Every September the Revival festival recreates the golden era of Goodwood Motor Circuit, between 1948 and 1966. This extraordinary event, a theatrical and sporting drama, assembles the most significant racing cars and motorcycles along with legendary drivers and riders from the past and stars of today. With a passion for all things classic, we attend on a personal level every year - and this year, it was with the view of checking out a spot to exhibit at next year's festival!What can you expect next year?Next year, we will as always be attending the festival - but as an exhibitor! We've got a really exciting setup that we can't wait to show off, we'll be holding full product demonstrations, giving advice on aftercare of course enjoying the racing!

Hi guys,

We wanted to write a post to mention the fact that we are now proudly associated with Crawley Town FC. We’re extremely excited by the opportunity, and are very pleased with our pitch-side banner!

We would like to wish the guys luck for this season & be sure to look out for us in the stands!

From all @ UPP.


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We use XPEL. Few brands are 100% committed to protecting your automobile like we are. We focus all of our resources, time, human capital, and research in developing some of the most innovative automobile protection products in the market. We hold the highest quality standards throughout our entire production process, from design to distribution. All of this has made XPEL one of the most recognised names in the automobile protection industry.

Hi to all,

Welcome to our new website, we hope you enjoy browsing & appreciate any feedback.

Here at Ultimate Paint Protection, we are committed to providing top quality paint protection in Gatwick, London. Our paint protection engineers are factory trained & well placed to provide the highest standard of service for you, your car & ultimately, your investment.

Alongside, we also offer window tinting as part of Ultimate Tinting Gatwick. Ultimate Tinting Gatwick is part of the nationwide specialist tinting company Ultimate Tinting. Our single objective is to ensure complete customer satisfaction by using the highest grade materials, matched with professional trained engineers and backed by our industry leading “as long as you own your car, we’ll warranty our work”, warranty.

At UTG we specialise in all applications of tinting film (vehicle, commercial, residential), and automotive vinyl wrapping from complete coverage to single panels. We can also advise on other products to reduce heat and provide privacy.

Please [...]

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