How is Paint Protection Film Applied? Can I do it myself? Can I take it Off?

All of these questions have a single common denominator, see a qualified technician to address all of them.  Application of Paint Protection Film is, like Window Tinting, in theory straight forward, however it is the application of that theory which is best left to a trained technician to achieve the best results.

Prior to applying the film you need to  perform a surface prep on all areas where the film is being applied, this is using clay bar and solution to clean and remove all dirt, debris and degreasing the paint surface.  The film is “pre cut” on special plotters in most cases to fit specific cars, if not, cutting film to fit a car normally means cutting on the car which is very dangerous to say the least. You then use a slip solution to adhere the film to the car, this solution works with the special adhesives used to ensure a perfect contact and clarity to the cars paint.  The “pre cut “ template is then offered up to the car and stretched and moulded into the cars curvature and seams to achieve the perfect finish. You could try this yourself and on small patches you would have some success in achieving a good finish, however on full bonnets, bumpers, wings etc, where you require stretching and some manipulation of the film to wrap around the seams you are best advised to see a qualified technician.  Bubbles, finger prints, stretch marks all are dangers that can appear without the right application technique.

Taking the film off is again straight forward in theory, however,  depending on the make of film, how it was applied ( proper solution or not) the length of time it has been on the car, there is the possibility  you could damage the paint work or  leaving adhesive on the paint work, again your qualified technician can safely remove the film.

So if you have been thinking about having Paint Protection Film applied to you car or are still undecided, please do not hesitate to give us a call where we will be more then happy to chat with you about the process and  benefits of having Paint Protection Film applied to your car.

At Ultimate Paint Protection Film we only use the industry best film, and latest plotters and technology to pre cut all of our films, these are  installed by factory trained technicians who take the upmost care in all aspects of the application and removal of Paint Protection Film to your pride and joy.


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