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Windshield Protection

We are very excited to announce we have recently become an authorised dealer
and installer for Clearplex windscreen protection film. This is a product that all car owners will
benefit from with additional safety, protection and environmental properties to give you peace of
mind. Clearplex film is a patented film with crystal clear optics that will enhance the OME
windscreens. The film has been used on NASCAR cars in the US and the International Space
Station, I don’t think you can get a more robust testing ground then these two. For those owners
of classic, rare, imports, prestige, Super cars whose windscreens are not only hard to find or
worst case obsolete windscreens, where replacement costs are very expensive, this can be a
major benefit not only financially but also keeping the car on the road.
As much as it is a great enhancement to passenger cars, it is a huge benefit for commercial
vehicles where time off the road for lorries, coaches, taxis, motorhomes, and buses is money.
Replacing windscreens on these vehicles is expensive just for replacement glass, but the time
involved as well means loss income for you, with the Clearplex film you will say goodbye to these
frustrations and keep the vehicle on the road.
Please do drop us a line or drop by our premises to chat about the above if you have any
questions. Please be assured we will continue to focus on our core business of paint protection film while
 enhancing our clients experience with complete car protection with our best in class service levels.
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