What does Paint Protection Film protect against?

Have you ever been driving down a country road or the motorway and you here that all to familiar thud sound of a stone hitting somewhere on your pride and joy and when you get out and check it your fears materialise in front of your eyes?  A Simple solution is to apply Paint Protection film (PPF) to key high impact areas to protect your paint work and headlamps from  all sorts of “road rash”.

The key features of PPF is to guard against stone chips, abrasions, nicks, scratches, small road debris and winter salt and sand providing you with year round protection. With its high gloss finish and self healing properties you will be able to enjoy driving your pride and joy for many miles knowing it is protected.  Please give us a call at Ultimate Paint Protection if you have any questions on the benefits and features of Paint Protection Film.   We are always happy to discuss with you the product or just to have a chat

McLaren SLR 2


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